To have a British art travel, Burberry meets your requirements

The chief creative director of Burberry invites you to participate in a grand exhibition. In the previous period of time, Burberry launched a campaign about British traditional craft and personalized custom services in Seoul, South Korea.

British art campaign of Burberry 

Do you like British arts? Do you want to have your scarves, wallets and clothes individualized? Burberry will meet all your consumer demands. Due to that they have the service of private custom for many years. They recognize the diversity consumer demands of people and make use of their consumer psychology. The campaign of Burberry lasted one month in its flagship stores. They set up many platforms to supply multiple craft and personalized custom services.


For example, The Burberry Scarf Bar introduces new combination of color. Customers can customize up to three initials embroidered labels on their scarf and they have options for a variety of embroidery thread color. Customers can also select the personalized service of handbags. The styles of handbags conclude The Banner, The Buckle and The Barrow. They can enjoy personalized service of hand-painted initials. During this campaign, craftsmen who come from Burberry present the exquisite craft meticulously. They provide meticulous service for customers.


Customer behavior for Burberry

People love Burberry! Customers prefer Burberry! It is not only due to the productions they provide, but also the services that they supply. The marketing strategy of Burberry influences customer behavior at some extent. What the consumers purchase is not only a product, but also a kind of enjoyment and service. So people are keen of the quality of Burberry. They also love the superiority that Burberry brings to them. That to say, the behavior of consumer is influenced by psychological and sociological influences. Although the process of selling-buying is really simple, the purchase process of customers is relatively complex. The decision of buying is a result of sophisticated thinking process. It concludes Pre-purchase phase, purchase phase and post-purchase phase (Broniarczyk & Griffin, 2014). The three phrases are listed in the following figure 1. Each of the phrases contains the factors that affect consumer behavior. The administrators of Burberry make full use of these psychological and sociological influences.

Figure 1 the purchase process


For the first period of consumer behavior, consumers have lots of choices. They should search products according to their needs and build their own consumer set. In this phrase, the sociological factors such as propaganda, advertisement and celebrity show their impact on consumer behavior. We have to say that Burberry has the market strategy and ability to affect consumer behavior. As a luxury brand which was founded in 1985, Burberry insists their elite culture. The campaign of Personal Tailor has been launched for years. They deepen the cognition of consumers about Burberry constantly through these campaigns. In 2013, Burberry Enhances its Digital Experience With its Smart Personalization. In 2014, in order to launch new My Burberry scent, they promote Highly Personalized Campaign to introduce New Fragrance. In addition, in each time of campaigns, Burberry invites many e celebrities to support their activities. The goal of celebrities is to increase consumer’s brand loyalty by means of Fan effect. During this campaign in 2016, Burberry invites designer Luke Edward Hall to preside over the fashionable opening cocktail. The opening appeals lots of stars from many countries. All that factors encourage customers to buy Burberry products.


Due to that consumer behavior is a psychological process. The psychological factors of consumers are also important. Consumer psychology influences the desire of customers and the cognition of commodity. It affects the decision of purchase. Consumer psychology influences the anticipation of goods. It also determines the satisfaction and preference of their purchases. Burberry is a luxury brand with long history. It represents a kind of taste and social status of consumers. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, all people want to gain esteem and self-actualization. They tend to choose this brand for the elite psychology. Especially, Burberry launched such a campaign for private custom, and they make full use of the unique psychology of customers. Due to their assured quality, once people choose Burberry, they have the confidence to make people satisfied and cultivate the likelihood of their products. Then, the leaders of Burberry finish the market strategy that to alter consumer behavior.

Key to marketing

Although consumer behavior aims to research the psychology and behavior of customers, it is the foundation of marketing. Due to the breathtaking leap that from products to commodity (Wheen, 2007), the endeavor of producers is determined by this breathtaking leap. That is to say, the goal of producers is not to product but to sell and gain profit. The key point during the process of gaining profit is the behavior of customers. So the consumer behavior is the focus of marketing strategy for many companies. Only the firms insist consumer orientation can they gain more market share, consuming behavior plays more and more important role in marketing strategy. You can say that, Burberry has a successful marketing strategy. Due to their private custom service, they attach great importance to customers and show their respect to them. They gain the cognition of customers. The psychological and sociological influences all can alter consuming behavior.

Published By LEI YANG 216057801


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