OH BABY !! because I Promised YOU..




Henson (2016)

Recently, while shopping at the COLES, I saw a mum pushing a trolley full of colorful diapers. I could not stop myself asking her a question, why so many different diapers…!!! and her answer was too cute……

“I don’t want my baby’s gentle bums to experience same brand over and over again”-                                                                          said by a MOTHER…

The interesting thing is that baby care market is aware of this fact…

After a healthy laugh, I quickly glanced at the baby section and was amazed to see the variety.

                                                          I WISH I COULD BE A BABY AGAIN….

AND experience what a child of today’s generation experience from  diversified prams to pampers and much more…

This lead my quest to search more regarding the global diaper market from consumers and marketers point of view.


Beyer (2014)

Is It  the Taste or Trend….OR…..

                                                     the unpredictable behavior perhaps!!

Seriously, there are a few things as precious as a newborn baby and the parents want the very best for their child- from the food they put in their mouths to the diapers they put on their bottoms.

AND they are willing to pay the best price for it….

Obviously, there is no market without consumers and consumers cannot be taken for granted.  There a tons of theories on buying behavior – generic, emotional, cultural, environmental and internal.

When it comes to toddlers, parents become too choosy and diapers cannot be ignored when it comes to infants. Their decision making and buying behavior is influenced by a number of factors including the delayed potty training….

consumer-behaviour-external-factors-1-638     Diaper Market

Lawrence (2012)                                                                                              Technavio (2014)

According to a self-administered questionnaire survey, parents tend to get attracted towards those diapers that are –

  • gentle on skin


    XiaoBoy_Apple’s Bucket (n.d)

  • effective absorbent capacity
  • trusted brands
  • prevent leakage
  • Good price value
  •  12-hour dryness
  • Ease to put on and off
  • Number of diapers per package
  • Promotion and sustainability
  •  Offers wide variety

Also, parents don’t hesitate adopting brand – switching option  and price is the most crucial reason for this.

                                                                 After all, Parents are parents and NO RISK with babies….

Little Consumers, Bigger Challenges……

For the baby care manufacturers, there’s plenty at stake in the battle for baby buck because-

  • the parents’ hearts are not easily won.


    Beyer (2013)

  • fluctuating birth rates.
  • stiff competition.
  • numerous brands compete for moms’ attention.
  • purchasing window for our toddlers is relatively short.


In spite of these, the global diaper market has remained sizable and has been quite successful both in developed and developing nations.

The global baby diaper sales has crossed $27 billion by 2015  and is projected to reach US$59 billion by 2020 as shown in the figure below….



Allied Market Research (2014)

I RULE the market……NO, NO I am the LEADER…. So who is the KING…????

                                                       Probably the best answer is… INNOVATION….

….which is the result of consumer insight, reason to buy, and the trends. Global baby diaper market faces a stiff competition.

The world’s top luxurious diaper brands are in continuous process to develop the environment friendly diapers. Few innovations listed below are expected to rule the future baby diaper market-


Nikkei Asian Review (2015)

  • Disposable diapers with more trimmed design.
  • Biodegradable diapers with elastic side panel.
  • Green diapers by companies like seventh generation etc.
  • Amazon element diapers– sold to amazon.com prime members only but was not much successful.

PGPhaseLogo          pampers provide exceptional comfort in an underwear type design.


XXCBltj1–   libero comes with an Eco-label and are extra soft and hypo allergic

unicharm-logoMoony and Mamy poko pants, Moony airlift diapers followed by Moony man airlift diapers.

Kimberley-Clark’s pure and natural diapers have continuously earned loyalty and are 319953LOGOconsidered the most successful diapers.

                                       HUGGIES- MAKE TIME FOR HUGS… 


SO what’s NEXT….????

Who knows!!!!…. anyone may come and go in the competitive era, but BABIES will always rock…. And baby care market will continue to strengthen the bond between the parents and babies with a gentle touch…….



Plonka (n.d)


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