When Durex India knocked up their market share with #DoTheRex !!

A world renowned company that needs no introduction, i present to you Durex and their Indian advertising campaign, #DoTheRex. Hands down, without a doubt my all time favorite company for their marketing campaigns is Durex. Some people may think i’m a pervert or something of the sort but i assure you the relationship is purely transcendent. I am not mincing my words when i say they are marketing genius’!  The quality, timing and placement of their adverts world over is commendable to say the least.

Like that time they dissed the competition;


Or when they very subtly thanked the Greeks after the Euro 2004;



First off, i’d like to bring you up to speed with India and its ridiculous taboo about literally anything related to sex. Parents in India literally do not have ‘the talk’ with their kids and there have even been cases of parents complaining about schools CONDUCTING sex-ed sessions. And so begins the journey of a sexually illiterate teenager wandering the streets with massive potential to ruin his own and his significant others life. This is an issue that needed to be addressed.

Coming back to the challenge Durex had on its hand. Initially, Durex targeted the urban working class, upper-white collar class and high society swarm situating itself as “Fun”. They needed to break the taboo that went hand in hand with sex and related issues furthermore make it a socially acknowledged thing to wear a condom. Durex needed to focus on the non-clients by teaching them about sex and create enthusiasm for safe sex. The item was evaluated at a premium as a result of the corner target portion. Likewise the influence of the brand’s value from its stature as No:1 in the International business helped it being seen as a trust-worthy,commendable & a fun brand.

Market segmentation can be described as adjusting market offerings in various ways to more closely meet the requirements of different customers

  • Smith, 1956

Positioning is the act of designing the company’s offering and image so that they occupy a meaningful and distinct competitive position in the target customers’ mind.

  • Kotler, 1997

Nailed it.


Why? We really need to understand what Durex’ position in the Indian market is before we go any further.

Strengths Weakness
·Experience in the industry

·Financially strong

·Product portfolio

·Market Leader Globally

·Ethical issues

·Over dependence

·Large efforts on promotions for sexual health rather than product

·Quick buy product/ Brand doesn’t matter

Opportunity Threats
·Increasing awareness

·Technology advances

·Maturing diaspora

·Low brand loyalty


·Alternatives to product widely available in market

As you can see the weakness’ listed above could potentially be converted into a strength in the future but the threats seem to be a little more difficult to overcome. The following campaign dealt with quite a few of those weakness’ as you will see ahead.

WHAT IS #DoTheRex?

Read more about it here.

The attempt was to talk to the youth of the nation more openly about safe sex by normalising the conversation.

  • Ranveer Singh

BOOM! #micdrop. This was a spectacularly refreshing advertisement for the Indian market especially since every advertisement revolved around the same subtle but obvious hints of a couple that eventually got a room. Durex made the best decision in choosing Ranveer Singh, an incredible actor who literally became the face and voice of the youth in Bollywood with his character, personality and flair for drama, both on and off the screen. Choosing a youth symbol like that brought a lot of attention towards Durex and their products but the best part about the campaign that gave it the finishing touches for a wonderful campaign was the fact that the campaign did not even focus on the massive variety of products they have to offer! Which brings me back to the afore mentioned taboo in India of not talking about sex. The campaign was in fact, focused on that very pressing issue of the lack of basic knowledge. Another video soon followed the commercial;


This was exactly what the country needed to hear. And hear, it did! To increase the participation and encourage people to get engaged in the campaign, an exclusive microsite (www.dotherex.com) was designed which was then transformed into a forum where people should feel open to discuss about safe sex. The users were even given an option to record themselves as they #DoTheRex with Ranveer.


  • Over 3 MILLION views over the course of the campaign
  • #DoTheRex trending Nationally and Globally
  • Several comments, discussions and arguments on the youtube page
  • Stars, bloggers, artists from around the country got in on the action making spoofs of the (lets be honest, extremely catchy) song!
  • The microsite, Facebook Page & twitter handle spread the word like wildfire and helped people anonymously debate, teach and learn about the various aspects in regards to safe sex.

Like i said, Durex, my friends, is a marketing strategy and planning professional, customizing every single innovative campaign tailored to the requirements and needs of their ever growing consumer base, which i must say is quite ironic, dont you think?


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Zeeshan Javid

ID – 216039756

2 thoughts on “When Durex India knocked up their market share with #DoTheRex !!

  1. I believe this brand is a great example on how to address sensitive topics getting an advantage out of it and even influencing society! I didn’t know about this brand, nor about Ranveer Singh, so I take it both are increasingly famous!


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