I’ve been using vodafone network for the past 4 years as it is my favourite network i am going to discuss about it’s strategies. Since it’s acquired the Hutch from Huthison max communication limted (HMTL), it’s plying major role in the telecommunications in india and with the marketshare of 25.59% it’s giving straight competetion to it’s rival AIRTEL.

Is it possible to keep the old customers from the previous company that’s acquired and keep the the growth of the company ???? 

yes, it’s possible. By looking at the vodafone market in india, we can understand the market strategy of a successful company. For example, it kept customer from hutch and not only that bt also it became 2 largest company in India in terms of market share. vodafone also keeps the same ad which one used for hutch and still using , by this it gives the strong message to the customers.




PRODUCT: It offers  a wide range of products including such as voice, text, data and broadband services. it’s also offering different offers for different use and the offers would change often with the state depending upon their customer preferences. Vodafone also offering some smartphones on contract based.

PLACE: Vodafone is he second largest market in india just behind the airtel.it’s strengthening it’s position by acquiring Hutch group and now it has owned more than half of shares in the company, remaining with indian investors as per indian law. The company continues to improve it’s services and currently major provider in the 3g services. however, there are plans to provide 4g servies around the country. Now a days access to the vodafone sim is very easy, because products are sold through the not only stores but also independent retailors. The vodafone stores are the major service providers to customers and there are large numbers of these stores in all corners of the country. Thus the presence and distribution of vodafone is wide spread in India.

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PROMOTIONS: Vodafone using locally recognised celebrities as brand ambassadors for their network such as Mary kom. It’s also using the sport events such as Indian premier league and and f1 races for their promotions.especially their advertisements such As a child with dog and Vodafone zoozoos. vodafone also sending messages to it’s customers regarding their new serviceS and keeping them always updated.

PRICE:  Vodafone’s products and services are competitively priced and easily accessible to as many people as possible. It has offering good coverage, network and cheap plans compare to what others are offering in order to stand in the market. Because it sells different services and products, it offers various prices depending on what  customer really needs. Different types of prepaid and postpaid plans are available.For instance, it offers post paid and prepaid options as well as different tariffs.


STRENGTHS: Vodafone has a global presence and financially very well and it is enough to invest more money in new markets to attract new customers. with the global presence it can give international roaming to new customers. it is also one of the method to woo customers and also a strength.another one of it’s strength is customer loyalty.

WEAKNESS: Vodafone india has a lot of weak points. generally there customer service and intense from the rivals who are cutting the prices and

OPPORTUNITIES: Vodafone has a lot of opprtunities in india, which comprises of 1.32 billion population and high growth in smartphone uasge.

THREATS: currently vodafone india facing a lot of threats in india. from intense competetion from it’s rivals and slowing down of economy also pose a grave danger to it’s growth. present, there was a legal battle between the govt. of india and vodafone.



SEGMENTATION: It’s differ from the place to place, income and age.

TARGETING:Iit target’s different markets with different approaches.

POSITIONING: ”Where ever you go the network follows you”.                                                  they are using the quotation from the hutch using it for more vibrant and young approach.










marketing mix of vodafone from



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