Strategy VS Planning : Which do you need?

Though it looks simple to have marketing strategy and plans but the real task begins in implementing or executing them. Marketing strategy and plans are interdependent of each other. The task collapses if both are not performed in balance.   It is essential to understand the exact meaning of the words ‘Marketing ‘, ‘Strategy’ and ‘Plan’. Marketing in simple language is exceeding customers needs. Strategy is the ways to do a task. Planning is when and how to get the task done. So having a marketing strategy is only half work done, executing it as per plans takes us towards success.


Flipkart is an online e-commerce site like Amazon. It can be called as the Amazon of India. Like many others Flipkart also facilitates mega sale. The many motive of mega sale is to get bulk orders for sellers listed with Flipkart. Here the marketing strategy is to attract shoppers at large by showing them a crate of discount. Flipkart calls it mega sale,’Big Billion days’. During these days of sale Flipkart like a magnet pulls thousands of people towards it, giving away discounts generating large amount of traffic on their site or app. Flipkart also stands as an apt example for mismatch of or gap in marketing strategy and plans of execution. Flipkarts marketing strategy was quite simple and effective, promote Big billion days by showing how customers can avail huge discounts, through various channels of social media and television advertising.




Flipkart did heavy advertising in sync with their marketing strategy. Plan was to target two days of a month, close to public holidays which would be an added advantage to Big Billion Days. When the day occurred to shower shoppers with discounts and offers they faced infrastructural gaps. Their plan to successfully execute  this marketing strategy fell into technical glitches. In order to rapid ramping up the business without proper planning of the requisite infrastructure back fired. The marketing strategy did wonders in generating footfall on the site but faced a back slash on executing plans of delivery. Flipkart proved to be less effective  on plans of handling to orders gathered from their mega sale marketing strategy. In their plans they did not add requisite infrastructure to, required for the smooth flow of the event. Their logistic went for a toss in consideration of few vendors. One footwear vendor who received around 120 orders on day one said he has not been able to dispatch the whole order even on the third day because Flipkart’s logistics partner is only collecting partial orders. As we know customer  service speaks for the product, is applicable for all business so is for business. If the orders are not received by customers in the promised time frame the company will loose its standards in the buyers perspective. Another challenge faced by Flipkart was with the vendors product listing. Vendors are the key partners forming one of the necessary pillar of a business. Sellers complained regarding logistic gaps in Flipkart. The improper planning of requisites had run last years mega sale into glitches as Flipkart site crashed several times. Creating a bad impression on people who faced these challenges.

The example of flipkart highlights the importance of  balance between marketing strategy and plans. Flipkart are preparing for their big billion days with utmost care so it has greater control over deliveries and customer service, according to people aware of the company’s deliberations.

Apple is an example of consumer centric company. Here their nucleus of any marketing strategy is customer experience. Accordingly they execute their plan as per strategy. They makes customer feel special. The one of the company marketing strategy is to convey the message of their new product using ‘golden circles’. Golden circles is a way to aptly convey your message across to target audience. The first step is to tell why the product, second how it is done and lastly what the product is. The plans are executed as promptly as the strategy through hosting Launch events. Being doing this for many years all together have established a brand value and loyalty among public at large.



Marketing strategy and plans of implementing the same are two plans of the weighing instrument, balanced they are, more effective will their performance will be. A good marketing strategy will not be changed every year, but if the external market changes because of a new computer or new technology then amending the strategy is a must to sustain the product in the changed market.




Chirag Modi








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