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Samsung Electronics Co. Limited is international manufacture of electronics includes mobile phones, smart phones, televisions, camera, tablets, printers, memory cards and home appliances etc. It was established in 1938 in Samsung city of South Korea. According to South Korean markets the Samsung is the internationally leading mobile and smart phone manufacturing company. The major market share is from Asian and pacific markets and trying hard to create its mark in US market. With all its great efforts the Samsung is emerging as one of the great companies in the world. Electronics, informational technology and mobile communications are the three main segments in the business. The main focal point is development of premium products. Samsung is the world’s number one marketer of mobile phones with 21.4% of the world’s largest market share in the second quarter of 2015. The company performance can be clearly evaluated by using SWOT analysis.


• Samsung has uniqueness and improvement on its products.
• The brand image is well established for the Samsung products throughout the world.
• Samsung is known for high quality products.
• The main reason for persistent high market share is improvement in the technology with changing time.
• Samsung products are available for all socioeconomic classes which lead to high product sale.
• Awards for its high quality.
• It occupies wide global market in all its products.
• Partnership with leading companies in United States.
• Samsung is the innovator of dual screen SIM mobiles, polyphonic ring tones mobile and largest notepads.


• The stubborn corporate culture of Korea can limits the opportunities to penetrate into global market.
• It failed to attract first mover advantage as Samsung tries to attack its competitors rather than innovating a new technology.
• The pressure on employees to meet their goals in global market.
• In most of the conditions the Samsung products are very economical, which creates an impact of low quality product in customers.
• The Samsung products are not user friendly which restricts its market share.
• Samsung use android which is an external operating system, and has negative impact on consumer loyalty.
• Samsung faces high competition from new companies globally.
• The need for mobile phones especially smartphones is increasing globally.
• The uniqueness in the products can increase the market range.
• The development of own operating system can decrease outsourcing.
• Extending the services to remote areas of country can increase the customers.
• Samsung can increase the number of stores to improve the sales, availability and customer service.
• More ideal strategy is to grasp first mover advantage which can increase the uniqueness in the products.
• Samsung should concentrate on product development to attract the customers.
• The product variation would be the ideal way to increase the customer satisfaction.
• The improvement in the customer service is the best way to attract the new customers and to retain the existing ones.
• Penetrating more into household products can increase the market share.
• The globalization improves the chances of marketing the electronic products globally without any limitations.
• The high competition from local products making the market hard to penetrate.
• The brand strength of the other companies Ex: APPLE, NOKIA.
• The new innovations from other companies.
• The availability of cheaper products with the same quality.
• The economy of the different countries affects the market share.
• The financial status of people can decrease the sales of the product.
• Globalization leads to high competition from European markets.
• The advertisements and social networking sites increasing the need of publicity.
• Apple brand image, creativity is growing worldwide.
• Decrease in the middle class income in North America and United States is reducing the buying power of the consumers.
• The Chinese companies share the key mobile market in Asian counties Ex: Huawei, Xiaomi


Samsung is the world class company which focuses on technology. The company created a brand value worldwide with its innovations. Different strategies performed by Samsung have great impact on its achievements. Different strengths like low cost, high availability, product diversity and partnership with the local companies facilitates the more market share. The major barriers for the Samsung are local competition and lack of uniqueness in the products.

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