Is sports a feasible platform to reach and engage with a global audience for Emirates?

As an ardent follower of sports and a huge admirer of the Emirates group, it is appropriate for me to say that the two sectors blending together is the most beautiful and amazing thing that ever happened.

Initially, I was surprised to hear of this collaboration. They are so different to one another and ply their trades in different sectors. At the same time, I was happy deep down and my happiness had no bounds. However, as the saying goes anything and everything can be marketed anywhere and everywhere this is how things turned out to be.

Be prepared to be amazed for the next few minutes watching these amazing and breadth taking videos:

Looking at the videos it seems like an ordinary sponsorship war with rivals like Air Asia and Qatar Airways. I wondered what a company can get out of a sponsorship deal like this. A little bit of marketing and promotion isn’t it? But later I realized that Emirates not only market themselves to the elite group of flyers but also to the frequent flying sport audiences across the world who ply to and fro from country to country to support their respective teams and sports personalities.

Let’s take a looking at the 5C’s from the collaboration of emirates and the sports sponsorship perspective.


As we all know that The Emirates group is one of the large entities in the Aviation industry. It operates in more than 80 different countries worldwide. Due to its expansion strategy especially in the USA it made its first foray in the Major League Baseball by becoming the official sponsor of the LA Dodgers. Later it went on to add many more sporting teams and events to its massive portfolio.


Emirates by their sponsorship deals intended to increase travelers as people following a particular team tend to be loyal to anything and everything that is associated with the team. Thus by having sponsorship deals Emirates increased the number of flyers traveling between countries.


As context refers to the adaptation to changes, be it social, technological, economical, etc. Emirates has adopted well to the overall context with an increase in popularity in sporting events across the world. Emirates seem to have struck gold by their numerous tie ups with various sporting teams and events.

The below video shows how the Air hostesses interact with the audiences of Benfica.


My focus on this blog is on the various collaborations of Emirates and the sporting teams across the world. Collaborations with top sporting fields like Football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Golf, Formula 1 racing, America’s Cup Sailing and Horse racing and top sporting clubs like Real Madrid, Arsenal, Benfica, New York Cosmos to name a few  have seen Emirates expand its horizons far and above their rivals.

lalosangelesdodgerslogo-l-85cb58982909d5f2 Real-Madrid-15-16-Third-Kit (2) uk060722_25_ixy800s



Looking at the cut throat competition in the aviation industry where products have literally turned to commodities. It is apt to say that having an innovative plan, compelling marketing strategy and executing them in the best way is how an organization can survive.

Competitors like Air Asia, Etihad Airways , Qatar airways, etc to name a few are direct competitors.

1315821423_431 fc-barcelona-sign-record-breaking-qatar-airways-shirt-sponsorship

Look at the advert below where Qatar airways promotes itself as a sponsor of Barcelona FC.

Now lets focus on the SWOT analysis of the collaborations:


Strengths are internal to the organization and emirates is strong to the core isn’t it? With an annual revenue of 92896 million in the year 2015-16 an increase of 3.3% YOY and with an average employee strength of 95322 an increase of 13.3% YOY it only goes to show that emirates is on the upward spiral of growth. Not only has this, Emirates serves 151 airports across 80 different countries across the world.


Having a large fleet of aircraft’s most of the aircraft’s are grounded during off-season periods.

The cost of travel is comparatively expensive than other aircraft’s.


By collaborating with various sporting teams and events. Emirates have the opportunity to grow and venture into uncharted territory thereby increasing their revenues over and above the existing figures.


The threats faced by the group is that of competitors joining the bandwagon of sport sponsorship which would eventually eat into the share of the group thus reducing the revenues in the long run.


Thus,after going through the entire blog is it right to conclude that sports is a feasible platform to reach and engage with global sporting audiences across the globe? This for each and every one of you to decide and ponder upon.


Zico Gonsalves (215227705)


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