Is Project Jacquard a Breakthrough for a Fashion Industry?

Komal Sardana


 Isn’t it surprising or a smart move of apparel makers to get back into Vogue. Yeah! It is .Recently,Levis Strauss and Google announced there partnership to make a jacket, which is technology smart. Their collaboration aims at providing interactivity with clothing named “PROJECT JACQUARD”.

                 The Levi’s Commuter x Jacquard by Google Trucker Jacket (Credit: Google)

Announced at Google I/O week, it is mostly marketed at cyclist and will enable them to take and receive calls. Apart from that, it will be compatible with Spotify, Google Maps, Strava.

‘To grow, make new stuff or find new peeps”

MARKETING STRATEGYMarketing-Strategy-2.jpg

According to Ansoff’s -Product Market Growth Matrix:-Ansoff-Matrix-2

Market Penetration:-

  • In this, we work on current customers and current market, our focus is to encourage customers to purchase from us frequently. In this we have no plans for expanding our product lines. This strategy is at low risk .This can be accomplished by
  • Price decrease
  • Increase in promotion
  • Product refinement 


  • In this, we don’t have any new product but we try to each out to new customers .We  make our product more attractive or work more on marketing so that it can suits a new customer segment.It can be accomplished by
  • Different customer segment
  • Marketing in foreign countries


In this ,we introduce a new product to our customers. This strategy is best for a company that pride itself in being innovative. This approach is to make customer more excited about new product by giving them more value and taking back more loyality. For example-What  Ivan Poupyrev and Paul Dillinger  thought of working together on a new creative idea.

 Poupyrev a technical program lead for Google’s Advanced Technologies and Projects (ATAP) unit, has spent years working on user-interface design and interactive technology, while Dillinger, the head of global product innovation for Levi Strauss & Co., has immersed himself in fashion.

Levis and Google together agreed to work together on PROJECT JACQUARD. It’s a jean jacket enabled with smart technology.touchme-635x272

This new technology will be a new revolution in the industry, it will be a game changer for clothing industry and the technology field. Now people don’t have to take their phones out to check the direction or change the music or picking up the calls while riding. This all can be done with just a touch on jacket.



According to Market Realist, US apparel sales were at $208.3 billion in 2014. The sales were almost unchanged compared to 2013. Technology adaption may boost sales higher for certain retailers (XRT).

This new technology may even revive the denim industry. They can even increase the sales of VFC .As, this companies are facing a good competition from active brands like Nike ,


It is the most difficult and risky strategy in this framework as we are trying to introduce a new product in a new market. It can only be achieved if the new product achieve a good market place i.e  if the product development is successful then we can diversify our product in a new foreign market.


  • 5C’S OF MARKETING FRAMEWORK5CThe 5 C analysis is an extension of the
  • customer
  • company
  • context
  • collaboration
  • competitor

Customer and Company are the main player in the market exchange. So, in this analysis collaborators are mainly outlined:-


It include three parties:-

  • Distributor
  • supplier
  • alliances

Supplier: JACQUARD is the collaboration of LEVIS and GOOGLE in which Levis will be providing the yarns or the garments and Google will be the Technology supporter. Google is going to provide the conductive yarn that is going to use in the manufacturing of jacket. These conductive yarn are thin and flexible. There are some chips, though, they fit in button loop on the sleeves, you just remove that part when you want to  wash the jacket

LEVIS is making the jacket itself, using its own supply chain. It uses the same processes that levis already used for its non techy jackets to weave the JACQUARD sensor into levis jacket

The Levis brand  is the first brand that joined the arms of this technology with google PROJECT JACQUARD. The Levis Brand which is known for their continually designing and creating products according to customer needs from last 150 years.

The goal is to allow electronics to disappear into the fabric of daily life, “getting the technology out of the way and making interactions more natural and more seamless,” explained João Wilbert, the creative technologist for Google Creative Lab in London.








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