Clothing Firm STRATEGY

Marketing Strategies and Plans

Marketing strategy is a effective policies made by a firm which affects the way to run out our entire business in an efficient manner. So it should be well planned as well as developed in consultation with other employees of within in a team. Thereof, Effective marketing starts with the knowledgeable marketing strategy. A decent marketing procedure helps you characterize your vision, mission and business objectives, and outlines the steps you have to take to accomplish these objectives.

Although, A marketing  procedure sets the general bearing and objectives for your marketing, and is consequently not quite the same as a marketing plan , which traces the particular moves you will make to actualize your showcasing methodology. Your marketing strategy could be produced for the following couple of years, while your marketing plans for the most part portrays strategies to be accomplished in the present year.

Marketing strategy for the firm includes these basics-

  • depicts your business and its items and administrations
  • explains the position and part of your items and administrations in the business sector
  • profiles your clients and your opposition
  • identifies the marketing strategies you will utilize
  • Allows you to manufacture a marketing strategy and measure its adequacy.


  • Strategy and plans of a clothing Firm

In this contemporary World of Fashion, The clothing trends change day by day. So its to hard to rub the shoulders with the growing fashion industry without the marketing strategy. The DECENT COTHING CO’s goal is to provide the best fashion trends in a particular community. The intension of the company is to get the 85%  of the marketing shares by focusing on the basic concepts of fashion relating to that community like the neighbourhoods locations, brands that the usually wear or the brands we are already selling and offering the special promotions.

The marketing strategies and plans made by the company  to get the best out of it.

  • Marketing Plans

Our Marketing procedure will concentrate intensely on deals advancement, corner situating in the business sector and client administration with unwaveringness and maintenance in deals. Promotions of the company will always stayed tuned to the customer

  • Competitive Edge
  • The Decent Shopper Card which allows the customer a 15% discount after ten purchases.
  • Our location in the community will offer closer access to our target customer base.
  • We will offer plus sizes for women and big and tall sizes for men.


  • Pricing Strategy

Decent Clothing co. will keep up an adaptable estimating methodology. We base the product offerings that we bear on their notoriety and quality as western wear clothing. The greater part of our lines accompany a proposed retail value that we will take after. We will likewise use the standard routine of key stoning too.

  • Promotion Strategy

Decent Clothing will take after forceful yet inventive special plans. This will permit us to concentrate straightforwardly on our objective client while as yet being preservationist with our promoting dollars..

  • First of all the press release kit will be sent to all the major media outlets. The kits may include the media kit, press releases, pictures and a flyers.
  • The flexes made on the name of the company could be displayed all over the city
  • The coloured postcards or the pamphlets will be circulated throughout the city in all the clothing marts or the shops.
  • Radio and the newspaper advertisements would be displayed so that to spread the name of the company
  • Directs mails or the links will be further sent to the topmost firms with the promotion kit to target the 45% of the audiences.


  • Distribution Strategy

The retailing office location of the firm would be the foundation of building up the consumer’s relationships. Hiring the particular staff for the in-house marketing would help the company o built up the direct relations.

  • Sales Strategy
  • The company will use the software in the sales department to keep an eye on the every sales transaction. With each purchase the software will record and maintain in its database the customer’s name, address and purchases.
  • Moreover, with his particular information the process of the promotion would become much more easier and it will help to be in touch with the top customers.
  • Not only this we will offer other services like the exchange and the return policy of 10 days to built the trust among the customers.

Name- Anushika Setia

Student ID- 216060031






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