Audi is the manufacturer of automobiles from Germany  that produces and           manufactures luxury vehicles which was founded by August horch in the year 1910 25th       april. This distributes their automobiles to all over the world with 11 manufacturing               units in nine countrys.The head offfice of audi is located in Ingolstadt , germany.

The audi is a partner of volkswagon group.The word Audi was founded by translating august horch surname  horch to latin language which means audi.The four rings in the logo represents four different compaies combined together to form an auto union.The audi is followed by slogan vorsprung durch technik which means Advancement by technology.


Audi is the succesfull manufacturer  of premium cars since many years . The audi is under volkswagon for 40 years. In 2014 the audi sales up by 12.3%.Audi distributes its vehicles by authorised dealers through them the customers can buy the vehicles. audi is trying to improve its sales by expanding and making more distributors available in the market to improve their sales. The brand image , loyality and positive talk makes the audi sales high compare to their competetors like BMW , Jaguar , Benz. The price is premium coampared to other manufacturers of premium cars.above upper class familys are more customers of audi because of their reasonable prices , high quality , good service.



      product mix

In the beginning stages ie in 1990s the manufacturing unit has faced some issues in electric phase where it has lossed some image but in a short period  it overcomed all the problems and became  the leading provider of premium cars in their has increased their service stations now and making people to have the services without any problem or delay.its sales are increasing every year at an average of 100%.

    place in market mix

In india it is being increasing its sales tremendously.there are around 28 dealers in India at present. even though it is a German company its is present world has invested lots of money in asia for the future purpose.

    promotion in market mix

The audi mainly promoted by sponsering in games like football and televisions like sony and also promted by TV and by many is mainly famous by its slogan progress by technology.

    price in market mix

The price of audi is comparitively premium , it justifyes its cost by the quality , loyality and brand name. mainy it is saled on its reputation.even though the price is justified to maintain the brand image.



The main strength of audi is its technolgy and varietys which are uptodate in market.and also the designs and looks males audi different from other companies.its brand name is also a main strength of audi.this also provides different of vehicles to select with various features .


The diversification , promotions , high maintanence and  communications are main problems of audi.


expanding automobile market by entreing in to different markets.making some low price vehicles to attract middle class people and making large sacle production to meet the future increasing demand by advertising and promoting the brand.


limited market , competion from other companys like BMW , Benz , Jaguar ,  rules and regulations of government ,and  risk in  international markets all together makes the company to face tough competetion.

audi sales in 2016


according to the BCG matrix :

STARS: A1 , A5 , Q5 , TT  This series are of great deamand in market but faces tough competition in the market with other competetors like BME and Benz.

QUESTION MARK : TT and R8  series comes under this question mark categeory.

CASH COW : Q3 , Q7 this are of great demand and unique serises.

DOGS:  A3 , A7 , A8 series.


segment: customers looking for luxury , driving experince and comfort.

Target group: Rich people and professional.

Positioning: The audi is famous for its continuous progress , making luxury vehicles

Differenciation: The audi is different from other competetors in design , technolgy.

audi all models


Marketing strategy of Audi – Audi marketing strategy

Which Audi Slogan Best Captures the Brand?





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