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Bharti Airtel popularly known as Airtel, this is one of the leading telecom companies in Asia and African continents and headquarters located in New Delhi, Airtel offers mobile services, broadband and enterprise services, Airtel ranks third position internationally.


The basic marketing strategy of Airtel starts with the low-cost of operation comparing with other telecom competitors in the market, providing network in the agency areas, highest level of customer service and responsiveness, airtel handle the customers interest by their nativity and geographic location.

This superior network grabs the customers by promoting their offers in different ways one of the examples among them are “Har ek friend jaruri hota hai” means every friend is necessary in our life, they make this type of slogans to attract teenagers and middle age group people not only this they primarily concentrate on their work for the customer satisfaction and they gained good publicity with positive mouth talk about various plans.


PRODUCT MIX :- In the presence of Pan India, Airtel has actually improved their present plans to create some thing new like gearing to next level which is the introduction of  4G services from 3G services firstly in the cosmopolitan and metropolitan cities in India to improve their functioning.The tuff contender in telecom market for Airtel is Vodafone and rest like Idea, Reliance, BSNL and Tata Docomo and so on. to grab customers attention Bharti airtel has enhanced their services in pre and post paid, value added services like hello tunes, diverting a call to another number, call waiting, multimedia messaging and messaging.

PLACE IN MARKETING MIX:- Urban and rural areas are common to provide telecom services to any network but Airtel has stepped forward to provide their services in the remote areas as well because of their hard work they have achieved positive results in their project from then the connections to CDMA and GSM has improved and they increased to lakhs in numbers, one more time Airtel has proved it is best service provider because of its widely spread boarder operations.

PROMOTION IN MARKETING MIX:- The aggressiveness of Airtel made them top in promoting their plans because they use print media, social networking sites, television advertisements, wall posters and endorsing their plans with the famous actors and sports 4gplayers due to this lakhs of new connections could happen because of their branding. for the customers who subscribed in online company has provided them discount offers this promotion is widely spread and this made Airtel to expand their operations in new geographical areas.

PRICING IN MARKETING MIX:- Airtel price their products depending on the competitive pricing which means head to head pricing with the other telecom competetors.This company follows flexibility in pricing like when it is in huge profits company automatically decrease their calling prices and mobile data charges.


STRENGTHS:- 19 years of telecom service experience, 3rd largest telecom operator in the world, strong market penetration, fantastic rapport with mobile manufacturers and high customer service.

WEAKNESS:- Due to global expansion they have increased amount of debts, dependent on some mobile manufacture companies.

OPPORTUNITY:- Strategic partnership, introducing of 4G services in remote areas, enhancing of unique services.

THREAT:- Changing of Government polices affect company stability, Mobile number portability(MNP), pricing competition.


MARKET PENETRATION – This occurs when current products with the current market.for instance increase of sale with no change in the product.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT – This occurs when current market with the newproducts.for example introducing of 4G services from 3G.

MARKET DEVELOPMENT – This occurs when new market with the current case of Airtel it has entered into African geographical market and it is spread expansion

DIVERSITY – This occurs with new market and new product example introduction of Airtel products with increased connections in the new market.

MARKETING METRICS – In the telecom industry Airtel has gained huge customer IMG_0045attraction than other service providers which is 33.38% of market share and loyalty. the revenues of services has increased constantly and now it is with 17.2% of whole income, in sms and value added services has increased by 1% and the sites of Airtel has increased from 26000 to 28000 in India.


STRATEGIC ALTERNATIVES BCG MATRIX OF AIRTEL – According to this, Airtel is a star because of its high good market share as well as high growth rate for instance it rotates its economy by time to time by good customer loyalty.

According to the porters strategies bharti Airtel dominates in the cost leadership that because they follow pricing strategy and competitive pricing to achieve good customers than its competitors in telecom industry.


Gandagudem vinay kumar



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