Need A Ride….. Go UBER..!

As an international student who is new to Australia, getting to places in public transport has been a hassle. This is when UBER came to my rescue…!UberAppBlogPic

UBER, an International San Francisco based transportation company, that operates via mobile app allows customers to request a ride with just a few clicks via smartphones.

UBER’s cofounder & CEO Travis Kalanick announced on June 18’16 that their company has attained 2 billion total trips in the first half of this year.


Right from 140 million rides , up till 2015 to 2 billion in 2016 , this company is certainly doing some things right.!

So how did they do it ? How did they get so many customers lined up for them ??

This is when the term MARKETING comes into the frame.

According to the American Marketing Association, marketing is  “an organisational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organisation and its stakeholders.”

In plain words : Marketing is simply a customer orientation.( Dawn Iacobucci ,2014)

Let’s look into the marketing plan for Uber , how did UBER jump to a 2 billion mark in just 6 months?

UBER via the eyes of Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning.

STP is defined as an in-depth analysis of the current state of the company. 


” No two people are alike ” this quote by Milton H.Erickson clearly determines the need for Segmentation. The company needs to analyse the different segments of customers(market segments) and attend to them accordingly.

  For UBER the target market is people with smartphones. The Uber app is a user friendly & a high-tech way to grab a ride – Just tap & VOILA.! your ride is there.

UBER segments its smartphone customers further :

  • The one’s who need a cost effective ride- UBERX a low cost service launched in various cities offers upto 30% less fare prices than taxis.uberx-price-cut
  • The one’s who desire Luxury – Uber LUX offers you with high end luxury cars.uber-lux
  • The one’s who are willing to share their rides for low cost – Uber Pool provides you with a ride that you can share with others.
  • The one’s who want to travel in a group – UberXL provides you with SUV’s and mini vans so that you can tag along with your buddies FB-image

A part of successfully marketing a product is to determine the target market that one wishes to reach (Segmentation) and then determine the right marketing mix to get the target market to purchase one’s goods or services. ( Wienclaw, Ruth A., Research Starters,2015)

Campaigns , Discounts , Coupons , credit points , Name it and you can have it with UBER. One of the most important strategy they use to target people is LOW FARES and this has turned out in their favour , because  Who doesn’t like to pay less ?? Uber has cut down its fares by 23% in USA and 15% in Melbourne this year.

uber 5

“Price cuts for Riders with guaranteed earning for Drivers”  A Win-Win approach right there.!


Iacobucci defines positioning as identifying your identity as a Company, how your company is in the marketplace vis-à-vis the competition & in the eyes of customer.

This can be achieved by the 4 P’s whose great execution can be labelled as the reason for the company’s success.

Lets have an overview

  1. PRICE –    The company rules this “P” . UBER’s surge pricing tactic is remarkable. When the demand goes high , the prices rise.! And Yes, we do pay the high prices.! 
  2. PLACE : Uber is spread over 73 countries & 450+  cities worldwide as of May 2016. Now, I bet you won’t wonder upon how the bookings increased at such a fast pace in the last six months right?3664BF1B00000578-3696253-Uber_has_completed_more_than_2_billion_trips_on_its_app_the_comp-a-16_1468871209055
  3. PROMOTION : Right from offering first free signup rides to delivering kittens at your place , Uber sure has a lot of sneaky creative ideas up its sleeves.Uber Ice-cream : linking ice cream with a social cause?.. Go Uber..!2df6ff4f-1f75-461e-ad45-b64dcd1dd2bd-620x372

Uber Eats ,free rides with celebrities , rose delivery on Valentine’s day, Uber does it ALL..! It has started representing itself as a Brand. Keeping aside all these creative marketing strategies, “Word of Mouth” is the main promoting criteria that works in favour of Uber.

UberSky (1)                         blog_uberceleb

How was I made of aware of UBER?  By a friend , who got $20 off for her next ride for recommending me to ride uber and guess what , I got $20 off for my ride too.! Here you go, I just promoted Uber ! Well such schemes not only helps Uber create a new customer but also gains the loyalty of an individual.

                    4. PRODUCT: So what is that Uber offers you with..? Uber delivers you with a convenient, reliable and safe way of travelling around without the need for robbing a bank ! and lets’s not forget the add-ons ( kittens, ice creams, flowers)


Being customer centric has become a necessity  and a business booming priority. It provides the company with opportunities to tag in the loyalty  , satisfaction and retention of the customers. 

And well If you have your STP set straight , you get customers and what do customers bring you…. PROFIT..!!!   960-uber-plans-a-new-round-of-funding-this-month-valuation-could-top-50-billion


Uber To Cut Rates In More Than 100 Cities

Research articles : Strategic Marketing. By: Wienclaw, Ruth A., Research Starters: Business (Online Edition), 2015

Marketing strategy. By : Iacobucci, Dawn: 2014


Deepsha Kataria




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  1. Well done!
    I was about to write on this but now u made me change me mind.
    Nevertheless u have done way better than what i would have done with this topic.


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