Coca-Cola’s Market Power and Segmentation Targeting Positioning


A brand or an industry, if any one of them want a long-term sustainable development, a force that can not be ignored is to expand the market demand for the younger generation. The effect of famous people is a very potential strategy, especially for the development of young customers needs. Selena gomez is a popular American singer, whether in the Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, has a huge follower. She shared this Coca-Cola photo on INS, has been received more than 4 million of the like, the number of forwarding is also very impressive (Jay Moye, 2016). In addition to the beauty of the appearance of the people, but also noted that the bottle design, is a song of the lyrics. Designers said the bottle is designed to allow more consumers to come and join in. It makes people feel real, trustworthy, and pay more attention to the appearance of beauty. A new generation of young people prefer to follow the fashion trend and learning the habits and hobbies from their idols. Therefore, they will often buy or follow their favorite star endorsement of the brand.


The Coca-Cola Company is the world’s largest beverage company, headquartered in Atlanta-Georgia. As one of the most famous brands in the world, the opportunities and challenges encountered is unusual. Not only need to face consumers and suppliers,  also need to take into account changes in the international business environment,  and the relationship between the government and the increasingly powerful competitors. Planning and strategic thinking have a positive impact on a company’s performance and financial success.

Coca-Cola corporation sales accounted for 75% of the world beverages production, 25% is occupied by Sprite, Fanta and other companies. Although the company in the past has made brilliant achievements, but look to the future it has a huge challenge, and only through a strategic plan to achieve the goal of increasing market share. Thus, Coca-Cola needs to establish a clear distribution pattern , accurate market positioning , the correct estimation and segmentation. only to meet the needs of consumers, it can make the company’s development to a higher level.


Special mode:

Franchising is one of the most important ways the modern business organization, allowing individual business development in a particular area, which is called the franchisee. This will expand sales channels, increase consumer awareness. The franchisee may be obtained from the product benefits of optimism, through distribution model, Coca-Cola Company’s products throughout every corner of the world, greatly enhance the visibility of the product. In certain regions, the franchisee can use the influence of the brand, with a lower cost to produce the same quality of products, the use of this model can help brands occupy a larger market share.


Market positioning:

Sweet drinks and no specific targets for each person under normal circumstances. Major consumer groups, the age range of 12 to 30 years old. Coca-Cola’s core objective is the recognized and loved by adolescents youth people. Survey shows that both men and women likes Coke. Therefore, there is a way can get closer to young people which making the brand younger and fashion. Constant innovation and improvement, helping the brand to better meet the changing needs of consumers.


Targeting and Segmentation:

Segmentation can make the brand definition of appropriate products to meet the needs of different types of customers. Coca-Cola does not have a specific subdivision, but through the development of new products, and constantly adjust the new marketing strategy (Marketing91, n. d).

Selena gomez endorsement of this coca-cola as an example, the design of the bottle is very exquisite. The bottle can be based on the needs of young people, the emergence of different lyrics (Coca-Cola journey, 2016). In order to allow more consumers to participate in the use and play of the bottle, the Coca Cola firm came up with the idea of “play a coke”. Using famous star’s influence to promote the company’s products and promote sales performance. Not only can attract young people’s interest, but also can make them feel close and have a sense of identity when they in the process of using the product.

Expand the brand’s appeal and unity subsidiary products. Through storytelling and everyday moments, establish contact with consumers around the world . Innovative products and analysis SWOT model, for consumers to make a commitment and to learning from competitors , so that can attract more customers through taste and smell (Coca-Cola journey, 2016).

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Student name : Yu Du

Student ID:213430159



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