Apple company was established in 01/04/1976 by Steve Jobs,Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne to develop and sell personal computers.Apple company is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino,California.The Apple company design,develop and sell consumer electronics,computer software and online services.For example,Iphone,Ipad,ITouch,Iwatch and Mac.Apple is the world’s largest technology company by total assets,Apple is the world’s largest information technology company by revenue and the world’s second largest mobile phone manufacturer.Apple’s chief executive Steve Jobs in 09/01/2007 announced Iphone in the Macworld,on 29/06/2007 listed in the United States,the innovation of mobile phones,can touch the Ipod screen and has the high level email,web browsing,search and maps can mix together,make the product become more efficiency and effective.Over time,Apple company’s hardware and software to do more and more perfect,also the system is more and more advance and humanization.After into the smartphone era,the meaning of the mobile phone began to occur profound changes.The communication is not the only core requirement,the music,picture,PDA,games also are core requirement of the mobile phones.Iphone is a such good example to representative times change.




Analysis the Apple comapny’s Marketing Strategy:

(1)Iphone with touch screen instead of the traditional mobile phone keyboard,cause of the diversity of the appearance,Apple company not only provide a software platform,also change hardware platform.


The Apple company use the different software between opponents.The Iphone has a fully functional email software and safari web browser.

Before the Iphone appear on the market,the Apple company use the hunger marketing strategy to open the market.The hunger marketing means the providers intentional in lower yield,regulate supply and demand,make the false appearance make customers think the supply not enough cover the demand.the purpose of maintaining higher commodity prices and profit margins.While the Iphone’s hunger marketing is not same like the traditional hunger marketing way,also has been completely beyond this basic concept,rise to a new level.Iphone hunger Marketing and traditional strategy is different.Apple company did not control the output of products to create the false appearances,Apple let the product related information into a market hunger and thirst,let the consumer wants to know what is the Iphone.Apple company also use the Word of mouth marketing strategy.The Word of mouth is refers to the enterprise to make consumers through the relationship with others to let more and more people know the product and brand.Word of mouth marketing also called word of mouth advertising,differs from naturally occurring word of mouth,in that it is actively influenced or encouraged by organisations.Very important strategy is Experience marketing strategy.Experience marketing is refers to let the customers to watch,listen,try to use the product by themselves,make its experience is provided by the enterprise.Make the customer the actual perception of its quality and function,prompting customer recognition,preference and purchase a way of marketing.Iphone company’s word of mouth strategy is unique and innovation.As we can see,the reason why Iphone can use the shortest time to let more and more people know and buy,the spreader is not only the enterprise,the spreader is consumers.So,more and more people easy to accept the advantage of Iphone,because they think it have enough objectively and truth.Through the unique marketing strategy and supply chain,the word of mouth strategy make consumers want to buy the product take for fast.

SWOT analysis method is a kind of enterprise strategy analysis method, which is based on the internal conditions of the enterprise itself to analyze, find out the advantages, disadvantages and core competitiveness of the enterprise.



1.brand awareness and reputation is very high. Now the Apple Corp is not only an annual business profit of 7 billion 900 million U.S. dollars, or a sign with a unique brand effect. As a result of product design, process selection, raw material procurement, production and assembly and testing of all aspects of the quality control of Apple’s products is very strict, even in small and small place is also true. The product quality is good, the appearance is fashionable, have the high grade product image, the apple mark on the product is printed with the assurance of the quality. In the eyes of Apple’s loyal supporters, apple is the perfect.

2.strong innovation capability. Apple Corp attaches great importance to the research and development of advanced technology, and other IT companies (IBM, HP, Intel), with a strong research institutions, in the future with the market competition in a place. In the U. S. “Forbes” in the selection of the 2011 annual global ranking of the innovation ability of enterprises, beat Apple Google, for six consecutive years ranked first. Apple product design is not only first-class, and often in a way to make the market produce revolutionary change, which makes competitors and consumers realize, just out of the framework of the traditional way of thinking, using the technology has been around, you can find better method of operation. To allow users to more convenient and more efficient use of products.


1.Android system will become a strong competitor of Apple’s IOS system. Apple has a nearly perfect but closed ecosystem, compared with Android, it appears to be generous and open. Open means more opportunities. From the following table can be seen that the market share of Android has been increasing year by year trend of more than IOS. chain management is not perfect. Some of the key parts of the supply capacity is insufficient, accurately say is to meet the market demand for the mutation operation of the supply capacity of the power of the outbreak. Cannot satisfy the order on the market.


1.Smart phone development rapidly, the market is broad. As more and more smart phones flooded the market, they have become the first choice for consumers, but also become a fashion element. So intelligent machines in a long time will become a mobile phone market navigation, there is a lot of room for development.

2.U.S. economic downturn, to enter the Chinese consumer market. Sub loan crisis continues to spread to the real economy, the real estate downturn in Europe and the United States, the world’s lack of heart of the economic growth point of support, the European debt crisis has occurred in the European countries, the global economy has cooled significantly. This series of cases will further lead to consumers in the consumption of some concern, will be considered in the future and thus affect consumer confidence.


1.App store platform operating mode is relatively simple, easy to be copied by other competitors. More powerful competitors have entered the field of online application store, market competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

2.At the same time in the face of a large number of powerful competitors. Because Apple has a product line in a number of products, such as iPad, iPhone, which led to Apple’s competitors have to face more than other companies. For example, in the notebook products to compete with Dell, HP, and MP3 market has Sony, Philips, Samsung, mobile phone market on a blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, HTC and rival.



Finally,the Apple company is very successful company in the world.But it also have many problem need to be solve and improve themselves.The technology become more and more popular,so the Apple company also need to change their strategy follow the era.





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Yaqiong Liu




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